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Suburban Homes

Help Sheba Farms provide sustainable Food, Clothing, Shelter & Energy.

The Sheba Farms lifestyle is about having fun with those you love. We know its hard to do with out good food, a stable place to live & clothes to wear. Sheba Farms offers advanced solutions for the four main pillars of life, Food, Clothing, Shelter & Energy. Every dollar you give, goes directly towards solving problems that effect peoples lifestyle as well as their happiness.

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Sheba Farms is a dream come to true for many Americans who are struggling behind the lack of healthy food at affordable prices, same thing with housing. Its as if, the world got more expensive , less forgiving, and outright mean.  Not to mention, clothes.


Sheba Farms lifestyle is about having the freedom to live, grow, and prosper. Every dollar given to Sheba Farms goes towards acquiring real estate that is used for the benefit of what is often referred to as the "Have Not's." As a community, Sheba Farms is raising $3M in funding to help us realize this goal of sustainable living for the entire community now and forever. We are building some thing that will be here after for generations, upon generations, upon generations.


This is your chance to contribute towards a healthier society. Learn more by getting an All Access Pass starting at $1.00/Month. 


Solar Powered Communities

     Solar Energy plays a huge role in our mission here at Sheba Farms to create sustainable communities. Turning on the lights, charging your phone, keeping your laptop going, these are important things. Our solar energy powered community is set up to give you a thorough analysis of how much energy can be produced on your roof or land in advanced.

The Future is Sheba Farms.


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