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We provide a wide range of sponsorship  services to meet your brand needs. We promise to influence consumers towards conscious brands that provide exceptional services and products.


Our followers, patrons, fans, and investors care about the community in a very passionate way.  This is exactly why we want to involve strategic partners who share  our ideals.  If you feel your business will be a good fit for what we have to offer then choose one of the packages below, or contact for custom sponsorship options.







All the real estate services you need, all in one place.

We offer a wide range of services to meet every type of need that one seeking land, housing or farming may desire. We are the first community owned, not-for-profit real estate services company in  Sacramento that focuses on farming food wherever possible.


Our compost pick up services allow community members to have their food scraps picked up, and dropped off to local community gardens, in order to enhance the yield of produce. This is just one example of how our community owned, not-for profit real estate service is creating effective sustainability, through design as well as function.

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Interested in our services? We’re here to help!

We want to know your real estate needs exactly so that we can provide the perfect solution. Let us know what you want and we’ll do our best to help. 

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